Richard and Frances Matthews

            Frances and Richard met in September of 1978 when Richard was serving as an angel for a greenie square dance class in Metairie, LA sponsored by the New Orleans Callers' Association.   Frances enrolled for a refresher course and Richard asked her if he could be her partner.  He assured her that there was "no obligation on her part" and that he was just acting as her partner for the class. Uh huh. They were engaged in December of that year and married in July of 1979.  They are parents of two girls, now grown.  The older daughter, Kimberly, lives in  Cookville, TN with her husband Andy, son Daniel and daughter Erika.    Jennie, their younger daughter, lives in Cave Springs, AR with her husband Patrick, son Gryffin and daughter Kaia.  

Frances has hobbies and special interests in sewing, needle crafts, reading, crossword puzzles as well as round and square dancing.    Frances began square dancing in 1968 and round dancing in 1981 with Richard as her angel.

          Richard's hobbies include anything concerning videography, video editing, photography, web site creation, maintaing web sites, computers and square and round dancing.  His start in square dancing was in 1974 in a class in Metairie, LA taught by Earl McCallum. The round dance bug bit him in 1976. His instructors were Ted and Barbara May in a class for Happy Hearts R/D Club in Harahan, LA.  While living in the New Orleans area, he held several positions on the Metropolitan New Orleans Area Square and Round Dance Association executive board, and served for 10 years as the one and only editor of the quarterly MNOASRDA newsletter, HOEDOWN HOTLINE.    A calling interest began in 1976 and he started calling for after-parties and progressing towards calling for clubs in 1978. His achievements in calling include club caller for the Fascin-8-ers Teen Club in Metairie (the kids’ crowning achievement was doing a demonstration at the 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans), a former member of Associated Callers, Ltd., and a former member and 1985 president of the New Orleans Callers' Association.  He took a break from active calling in 1987, except for after- parties, guest tips, etc. In 1993 Richard and Frances were bitten by the “you-too-can-teach-and-cue-round-dancing” bug and they have enjoyed this activity ever since.

          The Matthews are members of  LRDA and ROUNDALAB. They are also members of and cue for the Tammany Twirlers' Square and Round Dance Club in Slidell, LA.   When they are not cueing and/or writing new dances (see Choreography page on their web site), the Matthews love to travel to visit family and go to square and round dance festivals and conventions.  They attended their first ROUNDALAB Convention in 2007 and plan to go to as many future conventions as possible.

          The Matthews enjoy dancing, teaching and cueing.   It is very rewarding to impart one’s training and knowledge so that others may also enjoy the activity.




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